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QCC Art Gallery / CUNY

Purple Sins - Eleanor M. Imperato

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Purple Sins, Eleanor M. Imperato’s second collection of poems is a remarkable creation that unites poetry and photography in one harmonious whole. Each photograph illuminates and amplifies the emotions and feelings described in the poem that it accompanies.

The book comprises three sections. The first, Purple Sins, begins aptly enough with a poem personalizing the seven deadly sins as guests at a ball. The other poems explore human foibles, good and bad intentions as well as the darker sides of nature. In Found Lives the author composes poetic portraits of other lives and responds to those that may have touched her own. She also delves into the life cycles of nature and places people in its midst. The third section, The Measure of Things, gives the reader glimpses into her own life, her thoughts on aging, and reflects on emotions that elevate the personal to the universal.

Susan Astor, author of Spider Lies and Dame hopes that, “…all readers of this book will savor both the purple of its captivating sins, and the broad palette of its blessings.”


  • Publisher: QCC Art Gallery Press/ Kilima House Publishers;1st edition (2022)
  • Language: English
  • Softcover: 138 pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-936658-52-7